Established in 1998

Our Story

James Lemonade is a refreshing lemonade company that specializes in creating unique and delicious recipes using a “hint of mint”

Introduced in 1998 by James Anderson , James Lemonade’s recipe for refreshing lemonade with a hint of mint has been a Midwest favorite for 25 years!

Our signature drink is a zesty lemonade with a hint of mint, perfect for a hot summer day or any day at all. We have a delicious Fruit Punch as well.

With new recipes on the way….

Come try our delicious minty lemonade today!

Try James’

James' Lemonade Bottle

James’ Lemonade

James Anderson’s original, local lemonade recipe can be found in many of your favorite Kansas City stores, restaurants, and more.

James' Fruit Punch

James’ Fruit Punch

Our newest addition to the family, our Fruit Punch is delightfully sweet and fruity. It really packs a PUNCH of flavor.

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James’ Spiked Lemonade

James’ Spiked Lemonade